Aspire 2Be Scotland launches!

Key partnership announced between Aspire 2Be and CGI in Scotland.

This exciting new partnership enables Aspire 2Be's latest expansion to include a Scottish hub and will also see the launch of collaborative digital educational communities across Scotland.

Aspire 2Be, a multi award winning learning technology company, this week announced the signing of a key partnership in Scotland with CGI.


Founded in 1976, CGI is among the largest IT and business consulting services firms in the world and builds trusted relationships through client proximity whilst providing industry and technology expertise to help organisations meet the needs of customers and citizens. The company is a global leader in enabling digital classrooms and schools of the future and, in Scotland, delivers its Empowered Learning offering to The City of Edinburgh Council, Glasgow City Council and Scottish Borders Council.


The services provided by CGI, and the organisation’s values, certainly align with Aspire 2Be’s and together both companies feel that their joint service provision is a very exciting prospect. This partnership opportunity, in part, stems from a Scottish government initiative, which set out a strategy to develop digital skills and access to technology across all schools and educational facilities in Scotland. 


This initiative will enable Aspire 2Be to lend its extensive knowledge and experience to a series of key partnerships and initiatives and to work collaboratively to ensure the ongoing growth of digital technology in an educational context.


Aspire 2Be will be working closely with stakeholders to introduce digital learning communities to serve the educational environment and enhance teaching and learning across the curriculum, focussing on both educators and learners.


“We are delighted to be working in direct partnership with CGI and to be a key component in driving this digital learning and teaching strategy across Scotland,” comments Aspire 2Be Managing Director, Simon Pridham, “we are very proud to be working with such an iconic global brand in the world of IT and also to be involved in such a forward thinking initiative. We very much look forward to starting our work in earnest and to engaging with clients such as The City of Edinburgh Council”.


“We very much look forward to working with Aspire 2Be.” comments Lindsay McGranaghan, Senior Vice President Consulting Services for CGI in Scotland. “Their expertise complements our own, well established, approach to providing digital solutions in school settings and greater educational equity for young people and we look forward to working with them across a breadth of projects.”


This is the latest in the continued expansion of the Aspire 2Be brand. With head office based in Swansea, and another recent expansion to include a new London hub based in the heart of the capital, this latest move has enabled Aspire 2Be to grow its presence north of the border, with the introduction of Aspire 2Be Scotland.

"We very much look forward to working with Aspire 2Be."
Lindsay McGranaghan
Senior Vice President Consulting Services for CGI in Scotland.
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