Project Spotlight: Wellbeing Webinar

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Throughout the Covid pandemic, it quickly became apparent that there was a real need for businesses and organisations to focus on the health and wellbeing of their employees.

As the Business Psychology & Wellbeing Lead at Aspire 2Be, Andries Pretorious was perfectly positioned to respond to this demand, after being approached by several organisations to see what we were able to offer within this field.

Andries was able to react to these requests by developing a series of Wellbeing webinars, which focussed on mental health and wellbeing in an innovative and engaging manner.  Using insights from the fields of Neuroscience, Behavioural Economics and Business Psychology, the content was developed to be informative and useful, and aimed to provide ways to apply the learnings in day to day life. 

Along with discussing mental health and wellbeing in an accessible, straightforward manner, the webinars also include helpful advice and tips, coping strategies and mechanisms, and most importantly, small, achievable changes that can really make a difference to people. These webinars were designed to be delivered remotely, to ensure as wide an engagement as possible. By approaching these topics from a preventative perspective, and using innovative technology, Andries was able to significantly increase engagement despite the need to deliver the training virtually. 

Andries has now carried out over 200 of these wellbeing webinars, and this week saw him surpass the 9500 attendee mark. This interactive online training has been delivered across the country to a wide range of businesses and organisations including the Education sector, Public sector and Private sector. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and it is hugely rewarding to hear what a positive impact these webinars have had on individuals.

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