Project Spotlight: Get There Together

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on people living with dementia. The Alzheimer’s Society reported that nearly half of people living with dementia stated that the pandemic has had a negative impact on their mental health, with over 1 in 3 reporting having lost confidence in going out and carrying out daily tasks. […]

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Project Spotlight: IncludEdu

IncludEdu was developed to ensure that ALL learners have access to an effective toolkit of resources and technologies to ensure they are getting the most from their learning, and they are being given every opportunity to reach their full potential. Aspire 2Be’s Ryan Evans, Partner Technologist for Google, was involved in Google’s Innovator Program (VIA20)

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Project Spotlight: Enbarr Clock Tower

The John Summers Clock Tower in Deeside was once at the heart of the community, serving as the Shotton steelworks general offices until 2009 when it was sold. After its sale, it has since sat empty, falling victim to vandalism, and sadly falling into a state of significant disrepair. In order to preserve this Grade

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Project Spotlight: Bromley Primary School

When Bromley Primary School appointed a new digital lead, it was evident that they needed a clear snapshot of where the school was at that point digitally, looking at what they were doing, and how well it was being done. They also wanted to identify the most pressing areas where attention needed to be focused

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Project Spotlight: Wellbeing Webinar

Throughout the Covid pandemic, it quickly became apparent that there was a real need for businesses and organisations to focus on the health and wellbeing of their employees. As the Business Psychology & Wellbeing Lead at Aspire 2Be, Andries Pretorious was perfectly positioned to respond to this demand, after being approached by several organisations to

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Project Spotlight: Great Days Golf

Great Days Golf (GDG) is a service established by a team of golf enthusiasts aiming to provide high quality golf services, events and promotions for clubs, societies and the roaming golfer.   Offering bespoke and unique events, since its launch GDG has grown rapidly and gathered a large, and in some cases, celebrity following. It

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Project Spotlight: Dove Workshop Media Hub

The DOVE Workshop is an organisation in Banwen providing learning opportunities and services to the local community. It was identified that the DOVE workshop, in order to best serve its community, needed an overhaul of its digital infrastructure, devices, and audio-visual equipment. It also needed to provide those running the facility with the equipment and

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Project Spotlight: Berkshire Youth

In response to a recent Berkshire Youth survey, where of almost 700 local young people, 77% of respondents stated that mental health and wellbeing are one of the most important issues facing them and other young people at the moment, Berkshire Youth looked to develop a new Wellbeing Programme for students across West Berkshire secondary

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Project Spotlight: Premiership Rugby Champions

In 2019, Premiership Rugby Ltd planned to use the latest mobile technology, and sporting role models, to help primary aged school pupils to develop their digital literacy and important life skills by accessing the curriculum in a new and exciting way. To achieve this, Premiership Rugby turned to Aspire 2Be for their expertise and guidance.

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Project Spotlight: Awen Libraries Website

Following a number of previous successful collaborative projects, Aspire 2Be were approached by Awen Libraries in early 2021 to redesign and redevelop their existing website. The A2B team worked closely with Toni Cosson, Head of Marketing and Communications, throughout the project to identify the key areas which the Libraries needed to be easily accessible, in

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