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Sophie Yates

Project Indicate

The Aspire 2Be funded Project Indicate came to be after A2B Director, Simon Pridham saw a story on Sky News about a local shopkeeper who was teaching local children basic numeracy and literacy under a bridge in India.The Aspire 2Be funded Project Indicate came to be after A2B Director, Simon Pridham saw a story on

Sophie Yates

A2B and Sean Holley Golf Day

To support our chosen charity of the year, The Paul Ridd Foundation and also Velindre Fundraising, in collaboration with Sean Holley, our annual A2B golf day took place at Machynys on Friday July 7, 2018. Fourteen teams battled it out to become the team winners of the year and there was also a very tight

Sophie Yates

Teacher’s Workload – time to change?

A teacher’s workload is ever increasing – What can we do to maintain good health and wellbeing? Having left the classroom in September, I now couldn’t be happier. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the teaching, but unfortunately that was the smallest part of my job. With more and more teachers leaving the profession, we’ve

Sophie Yates

The Paul Ridd Foundation

Everyone at Aspire 2Be is delighted to announce that our charity of the Year is The Paul Ridd Foundation. The Paul Ridd Foundation has worked tirelessly to ensure people with learning disabilities are able to receive the health care and support they require. Through the raising of general awareness, the Foundation collaborates with health organisations

Sophie Yates

5 Things to do Before Using Tech in your Classroom

Tech, Tech & Tech. We hear about it everywhere from staff rooms to social media about how teaching with tech is a 21st century expectation. Are teachers afraid to use technology?  Cynical about the uses of Tech? or is it they don’t know where to start? Teachers not only want to use technology, but the majority

Sophie Yates

The Importance of Minecraft: Education Edition

Who would have thought that we’d be amongst a time where video games are used as a popular learning tool. Previously a teachers nemesis, now a beneficial comrade, you’d better rub away the cynic from your eyes, because schools across the nation are rife with the new Minecraft: Education Edition. What is Minecraft? Minecraft just

Sophie Yates

Unlock Your ALN Technology Toolkit

Digital Competency has been a priority for Education in Wales and when Professor Graham Donaldson was commissioned by the Welsh Assembly to report on new assessment and curriculum arrangements for Wales, this was certainly explicit. The report aims to develop ambitious, capable learners, preparing them for the learning they will face throughout the rest of

Sophie Yates

iBeacons Launched in Schools Across Ospreylia

This morning Ospreys in the Community became the first sporting organisation in the world to distribute iBeacon technology, developed by TRY Primary School Programme partners Aspire 2Be, to schools. After guests received their first glimpse of the world leading technology at the TRY Programme re-launch in December, today saw teachers receive their iBeacons from OitC and Aspire

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