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In order to see effective digital change, you must first identify your current digital baseline. Meaningful change can be made through targeted stakeholder engagement, recognising your ‘as is’, and identifying your desired best practice.

eDCR (Education Digital Change Review)

eDCR is a digital change evaluation tool, which enables learning institutions to evaluate their use of technology across the organisation in order to develop a coherent digital strategy.

How It Works

Step 1

Access your bespoke eDCR Review page

Step 2

Identify your current development plan objectives and provide your aspirations for the eDCR process

Step 3

Upload requested documents to our secure portal for Aspire 2Be expert Learning Technologists to evaluate

Step 4

Investigate multiple areas of teaching and learning with technologies.

Step 5

Meet with your eDCR representative to discuss initial findings and engage with stakeholder groups.

Step 6

Reports can be accessed, downloaded, and shared via the eDCR platform.

Step 7

Feedback will be provided as a presentation to SLT, capturing high level findings and key recommendations for your digital strategy.

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