Levels 2 & 3

15-18 Months

Any computer, Tablet or Mobile

Fully Funded

for learners in Wales

Designed by digital experts - our learning pathways are based on ‘lived experience’ within the business sector and provide contextualised learning experiences, relevant to roles and responsibilities.



Our Digital Skills for Business qualification offers an innovative approach for business and administrative staff to develop in their role.

The programme is designed to enhance the digital skills of staff within their role and increase digital confidence and competence within the business. Learners will explore how technology can be used collaboratively and understand how to take advantage of digital opportunities in the workplace.

Anyone who works with digital technologies and associated systems, such as Microsoft 365, on a regular basis. This can include all office and administrative staff.

Our Level 2 pathway is suitable for those in administrative or personnel roles.

Our Level 3 pathway is suitable for those with a greater level of digital literacy, or those in team leader or management roles.

  • Understand how to leverage technology to support your role and responsibilities 
  • Develop your knowledge and understanding of business-specific digital tools and technologies
  • Develop your confidence, competence and experience of working with a variety of digital tools and technologies
  • Understand the role of digital in collaborative working, and supporting colleagues and the wider team  
  • Understand how technology can support in-role development and progression
  • Develop key digital skills and awareness of tools to support in-role experiences
  • Identify personal and professional development areas to support role specific activities
  • Enhance your CV with a recognised, transferable, and fully accredited qualification 
  • Zero cost to the learner (fully funded)
  • Fully accredited professional development supporting the Digital Strategy for Wales
  • Confident and competent, digitally upskilled staff
  • Work based learning activities and professional development aligned to business priorities
  • Fit for purpose professional development for staff
  • Develop informed and knowledgeable staff to drive forward business priorities
  • Improve business’ digital competence and applied use of existing and emerging technologies
  • Encourages personal and professional development for all staff
  • Provides opportunities for your staff to engage in ongoing continual professional development
  • Cost effective solution for high quality CPD 
  • Zero cost to the business (fully funded)

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