Diploma for Digital Learning Practitioners

Innovation. Engagement. Digital.

Level 3

15 Months

Any computer, Tablet or Mobile

Fully Funded

for learners in Wales

Digital Learning is an ever evolving specialism which continually challenges the ‘typical’ approach to the facilitation of high quality learning opportunities.  



As an accredited Digital Learning Practitioner, you will develop the skills, knowledge, and competence to ensure your audience can engage with a range of accessible and innovative digital learning experiences. The knowledge and skills you acquire will enhance your delivery and afford you with a ‘digital toolkit’ to provide outstanding learning experiences for your learners.

The qualification is aimed at a range of learners who wish to improve their digital learning design skills, for example:

    • learners who are employed in learning and development, such as development managers, human resources officers, learning and development trainers.
    • learners who wish to become digital designers or digital facilitators,
      or those who wish to move into the learning and development/training sector


what to expect

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