Project Spotlight: Dove Workshop Media Hub


The DOVE Workshop is an organisation in Banwen providing learning opportunities and services to the local community.

It was identified that the DOVE workshop, in order to best serve its community, needed an overhaul of its digital infrastructure, devices, and audio-visual equipment. It also needed to provide those running the facility with the equipment and tools to manage it more efficiently.

Aspire 2Be proposed a solution which involved a multi-faceted approach, to create a Digital Media Hub utilising the latest technology. This would involve deploying a new physical network and wi-fi infrastructure, data storage solutions, and audio visual equipment, along with both end-user and staff devices. 

To best support DOVE staff, all devices and AV equipment were deployed along with comprehensive user training on how best to operate and manage the tools going forward, thus creating a self-sustaining environment to maximise efficiency.

"The A2B team was friendly and professional."
Lesley Smith
DOVE Joint Co-ordinator

Throughout the process, the Aspire 2Be team worked closely with the DOVE team to ensure there was full support, communication and most importantly, that the project continued to meet their requirements. Lesley Smith, DOVE Joint Co-ordinator, states “The A2B team was friendly and professional,” Ricky Holdsworth, Aspire 2Be Project Management Specialist adds, “We hope that the digital media hub will prove to be of enormous benefit to the local community and, as an organisation, that we have built a strong relationship.”

The full implementation of the Digital Media Hub has been a great success, enabling the DOVE workshop to continue to serve the local community in the most effective manner possible, facilitating the growth and development of many local residents’ digital skills and employment opportunities.

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