Project Spotlight: Great Days Golf

Great Days Golf (GDG) is a service established by a team of golf enthusiasts aiming to provide high quality golf services, events and promotions for clubs, societies and the roaming golfer.


Offering bespoke and unique events, since its launch GDG has grown rapidly and gathered a large, and in some cases, celebrity following. It quickly became apparent to the GDG team that to really meet the needs of their customers, GDG needed to be able to be accessed whilst out and about on the golf course.


Aspire 2Be had originally worked with GDG from the conception of the idea for the business, and worked to develop the branding, graphics, website and social media. Naturally with the next stage now required, GDG approached Aspire 2Be once again to come up with a solution. After a discussion of the needs and identifying the development required, a mobile web app was swiftly suggested and agreed as the best possible option.  


The mobile web app would allow GDG to be immediately accessible at the customers fingertips wherever they were, and so Sophie Yates, Aspire 2Be Brand and Design Lead was able to use the Aspire 2Be app development platform to create a bespoke solution for GDG, meeting their needs whilst incorporating the company branding and styling that Aspire 2Be had previously developed. 


The completed web app provides general information, listings and exclusive GDG offers from partner and associate clubs, event information and booking and latest news. Along with providing instant access to information to the GDG customers, it also enables any associate and partner clubs to log their details on, in order to promote exclusive deals and offers. Upon its launch, it has seen a huge uptake and has already demonstrated its effectiveness as a tool for GDG’s ongoing success.

"We could not be happier at GDG to have Aspire 2Be as our Digital Partners and look forward to utilising their forward thinking expertise well into the future."
Sean Holley

Sean Holley, Great Days Golf Director commented, “the unique way in which Aspire 2Be has implemented our requests for a bespoke web based application has been outstanding. Moreover the diligent and creative staff at Aspire 2Be have taken our ideas to a different level, creating attractive and individualised event flyers and links through our social media channels. Our Partner and Associate Golf Clubs have designated platforms within our App to market and promote their clubs in order to enhance membership and it affords us the opportunity to help them do that, forging a stronger bond between ourselves and our clients. In terms of brand awareness we could not be happier at GDG to have Aspire 2Be as our Digital Partners and look forward to utilising their forward thinking expertise well into the future.”

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