Celebrating 10 Years of Aspire 2Be

From the inception of Aspire 2Be in 2013, to its current form now in 2023, A2B has been on an incredible journey over the last 10 years.

Created by founders Jeremy Stephens and Simon Pridham, A2B started life as an Education-focussed ed – tech business with a vision to provide schools and educators with the best in digital skills, tools and development.

A2B kicked off with its first contract with NPT Council, creating digital teams in both primary and secondary schools across the region. This contract put A2B firmly on the map as the new go-to learning technology company, with exciting opportunities following shortly after. The team began to expand, with Matt Smith, now Managing Director, joining in 2015.

Large contracts in both Jersey and Guernsey followed, where digital reviews were carried out across all schools on the islands, and professional development programmes and training for all schools were created and rolled out. The hugely successful iBroadcast programme then kicked off in 2017, the same year the team moved into some much coveted office space in SA1.

2018 saw a huge achievement for A2B and the team, with the status of Professional Development Partner for Apple, Google and Microsoft achieved this year. This opened up far-reaching opportunities in both Education and Business, and led to long-standing professional relationships and contracts, such as the fantastic partnership with the State of Guernsey.

As an agile business, A2B was able to pivot its focus during the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, and migrated to a more online focussed offering, including ‘live lessons’ for Google, and large businesses such as Premiership Rugby. This shift in focus also enabled A2B to develop its online, on-demand learning platform for educators – AspirEd, and the eDCR – the Education Digital Change Review. 2020 also saw the Minecraft Global Training Partnership established.

The shifting nature of digital learning following Covid-19 saw A2B continue to evolve their business offering with a range of Business-focussed solutions designed to support organisations in developing their digital practice. These included the introduction of a range of Digital Skills courses, developed specifically to develop the in-house capabilities of businesses and organisations. The bDCR – Business Digital Change Review – was also developed, providing the opportunity for businesses to establish their digital baseline.

In 2022, A2B saw what was possibly its biggest change yet, with the acquisition of A2B by Educ8 Group. This allowed A2B to start the next stage of its journey, by introducing a range of apprenticeships tailored specifically to support both the Business and Education sectors with work-based, fully funded professional development opportunities.

A2B has celebrated many achievements over the years, including Wales STEM Company of the Year, and winning the Wales Technology Award for the iBroadcast Programme in partnership with Swansea University. The A2B OneTeam has continued to grow, delivering exceptional quality across both Business and Education environments to a wide range of clients.

The past 10 years have seen incredible growth, achievements, and the creation of an exciting, dynamic business that promises even more success in coming years.

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