Project Spotlight: Net Zero


Welsh Government has a strong focus on the Net Zero agenda in Wales and as such, opted to fund a project which aims to support, and share knowledge and information on Net Zero across Wales. The project aims were to work alongside eight key colleges in Wales to deliver this training and learning through a series of bilingual eLearning modules.


Aspire 2Be was tasked with the design and build of 16 bilingual eLearning modules, based specifically around Net Zero Wales. An initial pilot stage saw four core modules and one subject specific module created, and sent for feedback. The feedback was extremely positive, particularly around the digital element and construction of the eLearning modules, which were a resounding success.


Due to the success of the initial modules, the project was extended to include subject specific modules developed by specialist stakeholder groups, focusing on how Net Zero can be introduced into specific industries. In order to develop these modules, Aspire 2Be worked collaboratively with experts from across the colleges to develop and map the modules. The project required the modules to be able to sit on a central website or platform, or added to individual college platforms, linking to their own Learning Management System (LMS).


Aspire 2Be was able to deliver the series of eLearning modules through collaborative working with the colleges, and also by utilising its Appreciative Inquiry approach, that ensured the project was developed and delivered ahead of deadline, and even under budget. Feedback for the project continues to be extremely positive, and all 16 modules in English and Welsh were launched in September 2022.

"Bridgend College enlisted the support of Aspire 2Be as part of a Welsh Government project focussed around delivering training for learners on the Net Zero agenda. Against tight deadlines, Aspire 2Be delivered an excellent quality of service and content, further developing the ongoing collaborative partnership between our two organisations"
Dr Scott Morgan
Head of Digital Innovation & IT Services

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