Project Spotlight: Coedffranc Primary School eDCR

Earlier this year, Coedffranc Primary School began to look to further understand how to develop the use of digital technologies across their school, but weren’t quite sure where to start, and so they decided to enlist the help of Aspire 2Be.

Aspire 2Be recommended the eDCR process to Coedffranc, which is a digital change review taking a whole school approach, evaluating the current use of technology for teaching and learning, in addition to providing recommendations for where opportunities for improvement could be made.

The Coedffranc senior leadership team were extremely pleased with the eDCR process, finding it time effective, smooth and flexible. The eDCR review stage ran alongside normal activities, and enabled the teaching staff to continue with their daily routines with no disruptions. When the review was complete, a detailed report was delivered as part of a feedback session to SLT.

The team at Coedffranc were amazed by the amount of information delivered within this report, and there were many high level recommendations made in several areas that had not previously been considered. A key issue that Coedffranc were happy to have raised was the importance of digital wellbeing of their staff. It has served to bring focus back to the digital strategy of the school, as well as look to upskilling staff in key areas.

Described as a valuable process that has assisted their ongoing development, Coedffranc also felt that there was no judgement made by Aspire 2Be at any stage, just a focus on support and guidance throughout the process.

‘We found the eDCR process extremely informative,’’ states Leader of Learning, Craig Fullford – Astley, ‘‘it gave me the opportunity to see where we, as a school, needed to develop to become more digitally competent.’’

‘‘The eDCR process has really helped to kickstart the digital transformation at Coedffranc,’’ Digital Lead, Liam Lloyd, added, ‘‘SLT now plan to work with Aspire 2Be to expand on these recommendations as part of the school’s digital development plan, and aim to focus on a whole school culture rather than a stand-alone feature.’’

"The eDCR process has really helped to kickstart the digital transformation at Coedffranc"
Liam Lloyd
Digital Lead
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