Spotlight on Bryn Primary

Bryn Primary School’s digital journey began back in 2018, with the appointment of a new Senior Leadership Team. A whole-school review was subsequently undertaken, and a new vision identified: a significant factor in this was an assessment of the current ICT provision and how it aligned with the Digital Competency Framework (DCF).

An audit of IT equipment heralded a positive result, with Bryn being well resourced and equipment available to pupils and staff on a daily basis. However, upon examination of the application of ICT provision, several inconsistencies became apparent.


It emerged that these inconsistencies were down to a difference in the skills and competencies of the staff at Bryn. Several actions were immediately highlighted, which included the necessity for ICT practices to be more integrated into daily routines, and a greater overall usage of the digital platforms available. Bryn was able to identify the areas for improvement, but was unsure of how to take the first step towards addressing them. It was at this point that Aspire 2Be were brought in, in order to provide expert guidance and assistance for the next step of their digital journey, through a Digital Change Review.


Aspire 2Be were able to review the analysis conducted by Bryn, and make recommendations for next steps and how to implement them. It emerged that Google was the most prolific tool used by staff, and as it is accessible on any device, it became apparent that this was the right route for Bryn to take. Google Classroom also promotes independent learning and virtual collaboration, along with providing a bridge between parents and children, all of which were features identified as areas to develop within the new vision.  


Aspire 2Be were able to recommend a whole school approach to staff Professional Development, which would serve to create a sustainable and consistent solution. An intensive series of coaching sessions were attended by all staff, who then went on to successfully achieve ‘Google Certified Educator Level 1’ status. Further PD opportunities were also identified and implemented, including Seesaw, Minecraft and iPad Upbeat training, all of which were hugely successful.


Aspire 2Be were also able to provide guidance around how best to utilise and implement this newly acquired knowledge, which led to Bryn establishing several tools to aid their digital competencies. These included central platforms for collaborative working, to share planning and resources; the creation of user guides for parents and guardians; tools to encourage and facilitate independent learning, and a general integration into daily school life.


Partner Technologist for Google at Aspire 2Be, Ryan Evans told us “Bryn’s digital journey saw them progress and develop over a short period of time, and the whole school now uses Google as their main digital tool. The upskilling wasn’t just limited to within the school however; it also saw a huge level of community engagement, particularly following the production of an Aspire 2Be Sketchnote that was developed by my colleague Beth, focusing on Bryn’s digital journey“. 


Bryn’s success throughout their digital transformation saw them recently selected as another of Aspire 2Be’s Shining Light Partner Schools. Staff also presented on a live Google Webinar discussing their journey. You can watch that below;


"Bryn’s digital journey saw them progress and develop over a short period of time, and the whole school now uses Google as their main digital tool"
Ryan Evans
Partner Technologist for Google
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