Project Spotlight: Bromley Primary School

When Bromley Primary School appointed a new digital lead, it was evident that they needed a clear snapshot of where the school was at that point digitally, looking at what they were doing, and how well it was being done. They also wanted to identify the most pressing areas where attention needed to be focused in order to start making improvements.

In order to assist with this, one of their first steps was to contact Aspire 2Be about implementing the eDCR, in order to get a clear picture of their starting point, aims and aspirations. eDCR lead, Nick Evans, was able to support the school and staff throughout the whole process. Ensuring that he was available for any questions, Nick also conducted regular meetings and updates to keep the process running smoothly.


Along with providing this personal support, Bromley School also found the online individual elements of the process easy to navigate, with the questionnaires being straightforward and easy to use. A positive response from parental engagement also demonstrated the ease of use.


Following the review process, Nick was then able to provide the school with a detailed report which broke down the schools’ performance over each area, and demonstrated how well they were doing. This provided a clear understanding of where staff were, and enabled Nick to advise practical suggestions of where and how possible improvements could be made. The process took into account the technology resources available in the school, and so the advice was based on things that could actually be actioned utilising the resources available.


Engaging in a follow up meeting with Nick gave the school and its digital lead the opportunity to go through the report and its recommendations, allowing them to have a thorough understanding of the process and its outcomes. As a result of this, Bromley School have taken all this on board and are changing the way technology is used within the school, both by teachers and pupils. The changes made to the curriculum aim to really enhance the way the pupils learn technology in context.


Feedback from the Digital Lead was extremely positive, stating; “I think this is an amazing resource for any school to use. The process was non-judgemental and entirely supportive, and I recommend it to other computer leads all the time. Thank you Nick for all of your help, our school is on a very different journey now than what it was before we did the eDCR.”

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