Bridgend College Levels Up with Aspire 2Be’s Professional Qualifications

Aspire 2Be is currently supporting a number of Bridgend College educators in accessing fully funded qualifications from Aspire 2Be’s ‘Level Up’ programme.

These qualifications are aimed at enhancing the work-based skills and digital competencies of the college staff, through fully funded routes.

Bridgend College staff initially discovered the apprenticeship courses through the A2B social media channels, and subsequently word spread through the college of the value of these qualifications, leading to an increase in demand. The qualifications, specifically designed for those working in education, attracted the interest of college staff who sought opportunities to upskill and attain professional, accredited qualifications, at no cost to the college or themselves.

A2B’s apprenticeship courses offered a unique opportunity for Bridgend College staff to acquire new skills and knowledge through a fully funded programme, specifically designed for those working in an education capacity. Courses include ILM Leadership & Management for Education, Digital Learning Practitioner, and Supporting Teaching & Learning. The variety of qualifications enabled Bridgend College staff the opportunity to select the route that best suited their needs and the areas in which they wanted to develop.

"Our partnership with Aspire 2Be has grown over a number of years and they have been instrumental in supporting our digital strategy. This latest round of qualifications is the next stage of development. The feedback we've received from these courses has been excellent and we're looking forward to continuing our relationship.”
Scott Morgan
Head of Digital Innovation and IT Services at Bridgend College

These qualifications have had a significant impact on Bridgend College staff, empowering them with new skills and knowledge that are directly applicable within their roles.
Zoe Shields, ILM learner at Bridgend College, comments, “ILM Level 5 in Leadership and Management has been interesting and useful for my role. It’s helped me to reflect and make plans around how I can improve my leadership and management skills.”

Delegates have not only developed their role-specific knowledge, but have also had the opportunity to develop important digital skills and competencies within the qualification, along with gaining valuable accredited qualifications.

The large cohort of Bridgend College staff on the Level Up qualifications demonstrates the positive working relationship between A2B and Bridgend College. It celebrates the legacy of previous joint projects, which laid the foundation for trust and value in the A2B CPD offering, making it a natural choice for Bridgend College to turn to A2B for their staff development needs.

Discover more about our Level Up Professional Qualifications here:

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