Apprenticeships: How Can They Benefit Your School?

The stereotypical view of apprenticeships is usually that it is for trades – such as hairdressing, carpentry, plumbing, etc. Whilst that is the case for many apprentices, there is a much bigger world out there than just the building site!

You would often not associate an apprenticeship with teachers or support staff – assuming that they are more aimed at pupils and school leavers…However, there are professional development courses specifically aimed at on the job training for those working in an Education capacity.


There are a plethora of courses available, which can both support the school or learning organisation, and offer development opportunities to staff. With specific courses for teachers and school support staff now available for subjects such as Digital Learning, ILM Leadership & Management, and Supporting Teaching & Learning, apprenticeships have come a long way from their traditional roots.

Cost Effective

Apprenticeships are a cost effective way to access continuous professional development (CPD) to staff, which enables them to achieve nationally recognised, fully accredited qualifications. With fully funded Apprenticeships available in Wales, it’s a great way to access learning and development at no cost to the school or staff member.

Skills Development

Employing an apprentice can help to bring fresh skills to your school, but apprenticeships can also be used to develop your current staff within their role and expand their skill sets. By utilising the courses available, staff can engage in professional development at no cost to the school, which can equip them with new skills, knowledge and help them to grow within their role.

Loyalty and Retention

By ensuring that staff have access to opportunities to develop and progress, you are giving them greater incentive to remain with the school, and ensuring they stay motivated. You’re also helping to develop informed, knowledgeable staff who will help to drive forward school priorities, and provide the best possible experience for the learners.

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