National Academy for Leadership endorses ILM for Educators and Digital Leadership Programme

The National Academy for Leadership Wales (NAEL), is a central feature in the journey for educational reform in Wales, and is regarded as a thought leader for educational leadership.

NAEL only endorses programmes that meet the needs of Welsh educational head teachers and senior leadership teams. With over 10 years of experience in the Education sector, focussing on ongoing professional development, digital strategy and digital transformation, Aspire 2Be are leading digital learning specialists within Education.

Aspire 2Be is proud to have received two endorsements from NAEL, for two key facets of our educational offering – ILM for Educators professional qualification, and our Digital Leadership Programme. The ILM for Educators professional qualification aims to provide school leaders and aspiring leaders with an opportunity to progress within their career, by delivering relevant, engaging content that is specific to their role. With a focus on digital inclusion and development, the multi-faceted approach provides the learner with a holistic approach to leadership in an educational context.

Our Digital Leadership Programme programme aims to develop inspirational leaders to facilitate digital transformations and to raise standards for staff and pupils. The core objective is to develop digital leadership, and how school leaders can facilitate the appropriate opportunities to enhance their school’s use of technology in all aspects of school life, from vision statement to implementation in the classroom and staffroom.

The endorsement by the National Academy for Leadership Wales for our ILM for Educators Professional Qualification, and our Digital Leadership Programme, provide recognition of our ongoing commitment to excellence in Education. We aspire to continue providing educators with high quality solutions, support, and professional development.

Discover more about our Level Up Professional Qualifications here:

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