Project Spotlight: IncludEdu

IncludEdu was developed to ensure that ALL learners have access to an effective toolkit of resources and technologies to ensure they are getting the most from their learning, and they are being given every opportunity to reach their full potential.

Aspire 2Be’s Ryan Evans, Partner Technologist for Google, was involved in Google’s Innovator Program (VIA20) where he identified that despite learning technologies being more widely utilised, there was still a gap where learners with additional needs were concerned. Although the assistive technologies were available, the gap was in the access and understanding of what technologies would be valuable to the learner.


Teachers are often unaware of the plethora of software and hardware available to support, scaffold, reassure and give further opportunities to all learners, but most especially to learners experiencing an additional need. One thoughtfully selected piece of software or hardware can enhance the learning experience of a child who may be in need of multiple opportunities to overlearn a skill before moving on to any additional steps necessary to fully accomplish a task.


Aiming to help educators, parents and guardians make decisions about how they can personalise a learner’s experience through the integration of Assistive Technology, IncludEdu provides a repository of resource recommendations which can be tailored to suit each learner.


Following the identification of a specific or additional need, educators, parents and guardians can select relevant Assistive Technology solutions to support, promote and enhance learning. Once identified, a customised solution menu will be made available to you, providing a list of relevant add-ons, extensions, apps, hardware and software. As you select a tool, the IncludEdu framework will provide you with an overview and suggested ways of using the tool in an educational context.


It is Ryan’s firm belief that practitioners should see a piece of software or hardware as an invaluable additional ‘adult’ or ‘friend’ in the classroom or setting. Embracing the vast array of technologies available ensures a brighter future and a greater wealth of opportunities, for more learners and especially learners with additional needs, when the time comes for that learner to enter the world of work. IncludEdu aims to facilitate this.

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