Project Spotlight: Premiership Rugby

As part of their partnership, Premiership Rugby and Aspire 2Be (A2B) have previously collaborated on several exciting projects as part of their exciting partnership.

These include the Premiership Rugby Champions Education Programme and App as well as the Learn With Us Programme, so when Premiership Rugby (PRL) identified that they needed some internal digital training and upskilling for their staff, they came straight to Aspire 2Be for support.


Initial discussions enabled PRL to identify key areas of focus and development, and allowed them to clearly define their aims and objectives. PRL were looking to invest in some continuous professional development (CPD) for their staff, which was at this stage to focus on their use of Microsoft Teams. They wanted to better understand how to utilise Teams in the most effective way, in order to increase productivity and use it to its fullest capabilities. It was immediately evident that the Aspire 2Be range of Digital Skills Courses would be the perfect fit, and A2B were able to match their needs with one of these courses – Introduction to Microsoft Teams.


As digital experts and Professional Development Partner for Apple, Google and Microsoft, Aspire 2Be has developed a range of Digital Skills Courses aimed to assist businesses to become more digitally capable and competent. The courses are developed by our in-house professionals, and can be tailored and made bespoke to the specific needs of any organisation.


For businesses, the importance of investing in their internal digital skills is crucial to maintaining a profitable, effective business model. The A2B range of Digital Skills Courses aim to support and enable businesses in this process, and include: Getting started with Google Workspace, Getting started with Microsoft 365, Introduction to Microsoft Teams, along with a variety of Digital Leadership courses.


Upon completion of the Introduction to Microsoft Teams course, PRL found that the course has enabled their staff to fully utilise the tools available to them in the most efficient way, and has helped to increase productivity and staff confidence. “After previously working together so successfully, we were confident that Aspire 2Be would deliver a high quality course to us, and we were not disappointed,” comments Wayne Morris, Community and CSR Director at Premiership Rugby, “the course was relevant, engaging and has absolutely helped to develop our staff in a positive manner. The quality of both content and the delivery were excellent, and as ever, working with the A2B team was easy and pleasant. We can’t recommend both the company and the courses enough!”

"After previously working together so successfully, we were confident that Aspire 2Be would deliver a high quality course to us, and we were not disappointed..."
Wayne Morris
Community and CSR Director at Premiership Rugby
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