Project Spotlight: Paul Ridd Foundation

The Paul Ridd Foundation is a charitable organisation set up in memory of Paul Ridd. Paul had a severe learning disability which left him unable to communicate with medical staff whilst in hospital following surgery, which ultimately led to his tragic untimely death in 2009.

Paul’s family set up the foundation in order to raise awareness, campaign for change, and provide support to people with learning disabilities and their families and carers in the instance that secondary health care is needed.


The Paul Ridd Foundation approached Aspire 2Be as they wished to develop their existing website in order to provide the best possible service and support to their users. After a thorough discussion around what the aims and objectives for the website were, Aspire 2Be were able to support the foundation by proposing a new look and feel to the website that remained consistent and in-line with their current branding, which would also be accompanied by integrating a learning management system to the website, whereby modules for online learning could be built.


Aspire 2Be were able to develop the foundation’s existing, static website into a more accessible, interactive website that also incorporated an online learning platform. The online learning platform now includes 3 training modules which can be done online, making it easier to access for those in need. Previously, these modules would need to be undertaken on location, in person, and so this move to online availability makes it far more efficient and accessible.


“Aspire 2Be recently helped us to update and rebuild our website, and we received so much support from Paul and Sophie,” comments Bridget Robinson, Charity Manager, “it has been great to see our ideas come to fruition, and our website to be the interactive platform that we needed as a charity.”


The revamped website, along with the ability to take their training online, has enabled the foundation to reach out to more families and carers to support them with their learning. It has also allowed the foundation to reach out to a wider audience to provide support, guidance and awareness.

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