Success at the Wales Technology Awards

Aspire 2Be are proud to have been recognised for our fantastic relationship with Swansea University. Last week, we were proud to jointly receive the Best Academia and Business Partnership Award at the prestigious Wales Technology Awards in Cardiff.

The ceremony was held at the Mercure Holland House Hotel in Cardiff, attended by the most innovative tech businesses from across Wales. Members of the A2B team were joined by colleagues from Swansea University Employability zone, with a fantastic evening of award, food and entertainment had by all.


The partnership between Swansea University and Aspire 2Be is a dynamic and evolving relationship, with the innovative iBroadcast project at the forefront, supported by broadcaster Sean Holley. The long standing partnership has meant that we have been able to develop and form stronger links within the university itself, but also within the local community and with other key partners.


During the pandemic the iBroadcast project underwent a digital transformation; students were trained using online collaborative working tools, and benefited from Sean’s experiences in the pandemic media space, giving invaluable insights into live industrial changes as they happened. Guest-speakers were brought in daily, participants were supported with interview skills training and encouraged to ask incisive questions. Not only did this help them to develop new skills and grow in confidence, but it also allowed participants to maximise their learning outcomes and learn from the best in the business.


Students graduate from iBroadcast with tangible skills and experience, and crucially, a project to add to their portfolio to help them to evidence their skills which was relevant to ‘business as normal’ and ‘the new-normal’; ways of working. iBroadcast enabled us to continue meeting our strategic objectives, working with external partners and innovative technologies to provide diverse types of work-based learning and networking opportunities.

What is iBroadcast?

iBroadcast is an award winning project that immerses students in the world of TV & online broadcasting, through a series of sessions that promote communication, collaboration and presentation.

Each unit will help students to find their inner voice by challenging them to create their very own mini documentary. As well as achieving core Literacy and Numeracy objectives, it will provide students with an opportunity to enhance their digital competency skills in a fun and engaging real life context.

Students benefit from expert knowledge and experience in order to analyse and sculpt their own presentation style. Our aim is to inspire and empower students so that they can find a passion for media. By the end of the programme, we could be looking at the next generation of broadcasters!
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