Aspire 2Be introduce latest qualification: Digital Skills for Business

Aspire 2Be, a multi-award-winning learning technology company, this week announced the launch of the Levels 2 & 3 Digital Skills for Business Qualification.

This qualification extends the range of business-focussed professional learning qualifications offered by Aspire 2Be, which also includes the Level 3 Diploma for Digital Learning Practitioners.

The Digital Skills for Business qualification is aimed at anyone in an office or administrative role who uses digital tools, such as Microsoft 365. It has been designed to enhance the digital skills of staff within their role and increase digital confidence and competence within the business. Learners will explore how technology can be used collaboratively and understand how to take advantage of digital opportunities in the workplace.

"Digital skills development and the ability to leverage technology effectively are central to driving productivity and innovation in the workplace. Aligned to the 'The Digital Strategy for Wales', our new qualifications will support employers and individuals in developing the capability and confidence to excel in the workplace”
Matt Smith
Managing Director, Aspire 2Be

With a broad portfolio of digital tools, resources and platforms, and as a Professional Development Partner for Apple, Google and Microsoft, Aspire 2Be is ideally placed as industry experts, to provide this range of digital qualifications for learners.

Discover more about our Digital Skills for Business Qualification here:

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