Learning at Work – is it still important?

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Is learning at work still important in modern business?

With increased demands on many businesses, and stretched workloads, learning at work can often be seen as less of a priority – both with regards to time and budget. However, there has never been a more important time to invest in your employees and their professional development.

One of the legacies of Covid is that people are less likely to remain in a role that isn’t fulfilling them, with people’s priorities shifting during the pandemic to become more focused on work-life balance, and job satisfaction. Another recent trend is ‘quiet quitting’ – where workers are losing motivation within their roles, and are increasingly detached.

A way to combat both these is to continue to invest in your people. By creating a culture of development and growth, people will feel nurtured and inspired and will be less likely to lose that intrinsic motivation, and be more likely to stay within their role.

By encouraging a learning culture, it not only helps with employee satisfaction and retention, but also ensures the business is supported and ever-evolving through its people. By encouraging ongoing professional development, it allows staff to drive growth and knowledge from within the organisation. It enables the business to be knowledgeable and on top of emerging technologies and trends, and can even serve to align performance needs with business needs.

The power of learning at work is seriously underestimated. An investment in this area isn’t just an investment in some training or development, it’s an investment in the growth and future of the organisation and its people.

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