A2B Gifts Local School A Book For Every Pupil

When the impact of Covid-19 affected the fundraising efforts of the Coedffranc PTA, and their usual amounts were not able to be raised, Coedffranc PTA needed some help to fund their annual Christmas Gifts for the pupils. That’s where Aspire 2Be were able to step in and spread some festive cheer!

As an initiative to encourage the pupils to continue with their excellent reading skills over the festive break, the PTA had plans to gift a book to every pupil in the school. Unfortunately however, the total cost was prohibitive. But thanks to the fantastic relationship with Aspire 2Be, having previously worked together on initiatives such as the eDCR, MD Simon Pridham was able to step in and donate the cost to cover each and every book. Talk about a Christmas Miracle!

Emma Harrington-Howells, PTA Secretary, said; “When we were told that Aspire 2Be would cover the costs of the books, we were all buzzing. It’s great news for the children and they will be so excited by this. We can’t thank you enough!”

To follow on from this, there will also be a class competition. When they have read their new books, the pupils will be able to create a book report, design a cover, or draw their favourite characters, and in return there will be further book vouchers awarded to each class in 2022 from Aspire 2Be.

Managing Director, Simon Pridham said -” It was our absolute pleasure to support Coedffranc in this way and we didn’t want it to just end at Christmas. That’s why the continued support into 2022 is so important. As my wife continues to tell me (Director of Libraries); “A book is for life and not just for Christmas.”

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